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Tomasz Frontczak
A service you can rely on.

[ Founded by experienced executive protection agents and former military personnel, Global Security Centre has conducted over 300 successful executive and diplomatic protection missions for high-value clients since its inception in 2012. ]


Following the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine in February 2022, GSC has also carried out over 250 successful evacuation missions to liberate more than 2,000 civilians and bring them to safety.

Our extremely experienced teams include former Special Forces Operators, Police and Government Agents, operating mainly in Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also having representatives in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

GSC also works closely and partners with other companies globally, including American, Israeli and British and Scandinavian specialists.

We have our own dedicated Operations Centre based in Warsaw, from which we can provide armed protection, trained security drivers for both luxury and armoured vehicles, K-9 services including explosives detection, as well as personal protection equipment and the provision of SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) courses.

GSC also offers a full suite of consulting options, including security audits and evacuation planning
We can also provide medical evacuation and conduct missing persons searches, as well as the delivery of emergency supplies to clients who are not able to leave their specific location, no matter what the reason.


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