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 Our Services_ 

Executive Protection & Secure Ground Transportation_


Our protective services for VIP and high-net-worth individuals includes:

  • Protective movements and armed escorts

  • High-threat protection for dignitaries

  • International travel protection for corporate executives, diplomats, and celebrities

  • Escorts

  • Close personal protection

  • Celebrity and corporate VIP protection

  • Armed vehicle transportation

  • Route and venue reconnaissance and clearance

  • Security advance, counter-attack, and counter-surveillance teams

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    Corporate security audits company Poland

    Corporate Security Audits


    We have the resources to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your organization. We help tackle issues that are driving noncompliance to establish an effective security program.

    A security audit is a thorough evaluation of your company’s physical, procedural, and digital security measures that shows how well you protect your data and personnel. Audits are like a litmus test for how effective your existing security procedures are. They help you establish a baseline of what needs improvement and what you do well.

    They show gaps where more training and better systems could cover known security vulnerabilities. The more security gaps you have, the higher your risk and the related likelihood of a significant security event.

    By making your audits repeatable and consistent, rather than sporadic or reactive, you’re more likely to find potential vulnerabilities. 

    Crisis Management Planning


    A crisis management plan outlines how your business will respond if a crisis occurs. In your crisis plan, we’ll determine what crises are most likely to affect your company and what the business impact will be. Planning responses for each crisis will prepare your team and reduce the long-term damage done to your organization.

    Your crisis management plan is a living document your team can refer to and will be updated frequently. 

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    Surveillance GSC Poland
    cyber threat Poland GSC

    Surveillance and counter-surveillance


    We specialise in providing end-to-end counter-surveillance solutions that address the issues of espionage, competitive intelligence gathering and theft of information and intellectual property.

    We believe that it’s important for organisations and individuals to consider a holistic approach when dealing with the threat of espionage and so we will work with you to develop a cohesive counter-surveillance strategy.

    Our services include:

    - TSCM/Bug sweeping (Physical and technical inspections of designated areas using technically advanced equipment to identify all forms of eavesdropping attacks.)

    - Cyber TSCM (Enhanced TSCM inspections that bridge the gap between traditional eavesdropping and cyber-attacks for the most sensitive of environments, including data centres and comms rooms.)

    - Physical Penetration Testing (Assess the effectiveness of your organisation’s physical security processes and controls, enabling you to address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.)

    - Covert surveillance (We deliver bespoke covert surveillance services to businesses around the world, providing commercial organisations with hard evidence of a crime or fraudulent activity where suspicion already exists.)

    - Shielded rooms (Independent testing services to confirm the effectiveness of a rooms attenuation at preventing transmissions entering, plus Shielded Room consultancy.)

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