The Urban Tactical Pistol course has been designed to equip individuals with essential skills for close range contacts. Clients will develop new and improve old skills throughout the course, improving confidence to allow them to fire faster with greater accuracy at any target should they should come under contact. This course is thorough and skill specific, designed to embed faster reactions and focused, clinical use of the pistol in a confined urban area. Consequently 90% of this unique course is delivered as practical drills and live firing scenarios.

Duration: 4 days

Course Price: 800 Euro

*Price includes accommodation (twin bedrooms, with en-suit, TV, WIFI), full board (3 meals a day), instructors advices and support, ammunition and equipment, airport transfers (airports: Warszawa Modlin - Poland and Warszawa Okecie - Poland)

Course Topics: 

Range safety

Pistol knowledge

Maintenance of the pistol

Equipment positioning

Marksmanship Principles

Firing positions

Quick holster draw

Reload and stoppage drills

Single and multiple targets

Tactical use of available cover

Shooting with unstable position

Firing on the move with various angles

Single hand firing

Defensive response to contact

Cold weapon combat skills (Close quarter battle)

Pairs manoeuvres

Weapon concealment and search






Walther P99

CZ 75/100



GLOBAL SECURITY CENTRE Firearms Course Certificate



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