Women only shooting course


People sometimes associate shooting as being about aggression and violence, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth as shooting requires discipline and focus. Learning to shoot builds confidence, teaches situational awareness and responsibility. More importantly, it’s great fun and very satisfying to learn a new skill and see improvement each time you shoot! You don’t need to be strong or exceptionally fit to enjoy it and starting learning with pistols is a great way to build you confidence in handling weapons. Learning about and understanding how weapons work could also be your first step in understanding how you might defend yourself from someone wielding a gun.


Safety is our top priority and you will be taught gun handling and range safety rules from our highly experienced and professional instructors. Our instructors are from a wide range of backgrounds from military, police and close protection specialists, you will be getting instruction from the very best and they are committed to building your confidence and improving your skills.


We’ve developed this course for women because we understand that sometimes it can be daunting to join a course not knowing whether you are the only women participating.

This course is suitable for both beginners and advanced shooters


Price: £849*

Place: Busko-Zdrój, Poland

Dates: 29.09-01.10. 2017

*Price includes; hotel accommodation (twin bedrooms[L7] , en suite with TV, WIFI, pool, gym, tennis courts); full board (3 meals a day); instructor’s advice and support; ammunition and equipment; airport transfers (Rzeszow or Krakow airports) and your certification on completion of the course. Price does not include flights.


Getting there:

You will be picked up from the airport [L8]  (either Rzeszow or Krakow) by one of the team and driven to the Palac w konarach hotel in Busko-Zdrój (around a 1 ½ hour drive from either airport) then get introduced to your group during the evening meal. Transport is provided to and from the range each day which is only around 6 minutes away from the hotel. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.


You will need:

  • comfortable trousers that are easy to move in with strong belt loops and a tactical belt[L9]  (strong enough to take the holster and gun)
  • Waterproof clothing in case of rain (the range is outdoors)
  • Flat shoes or trainers or tactical boots
  • You may like to bring hand sanitizer or wipes when on the range (as the toilet facilities whilst clean can be basic)


During your stay at GSC Course you will be taught advanced tactical firing skills developed and used by elite operators worldwide. You will learn speed drills, angle perception, quick transitions between the pistol and carbine also positions along with strategic movements. Upon completion of this tactical based course you will have advanced skills with your weapons and the confidence to use them safely and competently under contact.  


Course Topics:


Theory part (5h) (using dry firing weapon)

. Gun structure-  basic elements

. Ammunition

. Holsters and loaders variations (holsters and loaders fitting)

. Aiming

. Health and safety of handling a gun during the training


Practical exercises (22h):

. Safety rules

. Marksmanship principles

. Shooting positions

. Reloads (speed & tactical)

. Strong and weak hand shooting

. Contact drills

. Shooting on the move

. Tactical use of cover

. Transition drills

. Fundamentals of shooting

. Characteristics and maintenance of the pistol

. Recoil management

. Advanced Tactics


Weapons: GLOCK/ CZP10C/WALTHER P99/CZ75/CZP07/CZP09/ HS 2000/PPX

Awards/Certifications: GSC Combat Shooting Certificate

Combat Pistol (3-days course): WOMEN ONLY! (DEPOSIT)


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