Our field operations are based on decades of experience of protecting VIP’s, delegations and dignitaries around the globe.

As team leaders and former executives in the Polish, British and Israeli Governmental Agencies we have a great experience in setting a security plan based on intelligence, establishing work relationship with the local authorities and providing the security needed for our clients.


Now you can experience the highest level of security. Our trained and experienced team has a vast history of operations, and consist of ex operators in the Polish, British and Israeli Governmental Agencies from the Dignitary Protection Units.

All of our agents are keep the same level of training they had while in the governmental’s service, making sure their tactical and theoretical skills are continuously honed and upgraded in order to stay ready and capable to handle any threat that may occur.

We had hundreds of security operations around the globe for close protection services , ranging from private security details, training presidential guards, corporate close protection jobs, protection of musicians and other entertainers in Europe and all over the world in tours and in private trips.

Do not compromise when it comes to your personal security, hire our team of highly trained professionals !


Our representatives are available 24/7, leave us a message and we will get back to you soon

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